Growing Amazon Conversion Rate

Amazon is a customer driven entity. Amazon’s primary objective is revenue per customer. They want to maintain a high revenue per customer, and Amazon wants to create the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

This means having a product in stock, in their warehouse, and ready to shipped, all but guarantees an impeccable shipping process for the consumer. If shipping is merchant controlled and issues arise, it could end in dissatisfied customers and a diminished buying experience. This is why Amazon so heavily weights be a FBA product.


Keyword Improvement

Optimizing keywords is an imperative part of the conversion factor we will help you with. Certain ways you structure the keywords can help the performance of a listing and increase the Amazon conversion factor. 


Title Optimization

The title is a huge key to the success of your Amazon sales conversion. We will dig into your title and perform the ideal optimization of the product. Some basic checks and balances against your Amazon title are: 

-Capitalize first letter of each word

-Spell out measurements (Ounce, Inch, Pound)

-All numbers should be numerals (5 not “five”)

-Ampersands (&) should not be used in titles unless they are part of the products brand name. Otherwise, “and” should be written out in lowercase letters


Building Product Content

The individual sections of the product listing mostly have to do with relevancy, but the actual completeness of the listing has an effect on conversion rate. 





Parent Listing

A Parent-Child product is essentially 1 product with multiple options or variations (like color for example). Functionally the products are the same, but they may have different aesthetic qualities. Listing products like these with the Parent-child structure gives you a few major benefits:

-It maximizes customer reviews, as Amazon will combine your similar product reviews into one primary (parent) page. More reviews = higher rank

- From a user experience standpoint it makes the most sense. Amazon shows that the longer a user is on a single product page, the more likely they are to buy.

- Amazon shows preference to product listings with multiple options in the way they rank similar products.