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Cleaning Up the Engine with a Wire Tuck and ChaseBays Products

The engine bay is one of the areas we focused on to complete our over the top 2012 Hyundai Veloster build. Here is what the engine bay looks like with the factory battery and trey removed along with the engine. As you can see both fuses boxes are located in the car along with tons of other clutter.

This is where all the wires are being worked on once we pull the wiring into the interior cabin from the engine bay. Our permanent relocation of the two fuse boxes plans to be behind the glovebox pictured here. This was easily accessed once we removed some of the heat and a/c items that are placed back here.

Since we cleaned up the engine bay so much it provided a ton of space to place product. We didn’t have enough days in our build to loan the car to AEM for a complete intake R&D so we eyeballed a fitment from a 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si. The AEM product 22-508 which ended up working perfectly for our build.

Here we are putting the final placement of the AEM intake in the car. As you can see the clearance is pretty minimal but with a similar setup to the K series Honda engine we were able to make the product work for this build. While we completed the installation of the AEM intake we also ran and connected our Nitrous Express lines.

After some more tweaks we completed the engine bay build with the help of some sponsors. With Chase Bays we managed to run a Brake Booster Eliminator (CB-U-BBE) which greatly cleaned up our back firewall area. We used Password:JDM Fender Washers to clean up the overall engine bay. You can see these in this photograph holding on the plastic radiator shroud.

A close up look at the Veloster shows how our EP3 Honda Civic AEM intake fit into the engine bay. It is a very tight fit and Veloster owners shouldn’t worry since AEM will be making a specific application for this car. This is the Chase Bays Engine Ground Kit (CB-U-GRND) which can be located in both images and is a great way to make basic items in your engine bay look clean and unique. This completed our engine bay clean up and preparation for the cars debut at the 2011 SEMA Show.

Hyundai SEMA Build South Korea
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