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Attend a Local Track Day – Car Prep is Way Easier Than You Think – Nismo 370z

Your car is modified and probably tired of street light to street light terrorization or your driveway togue nights. The trick is that once you find a local track event it is super simple to turn your daily driver into a weekend racer on the local level.

We took out our 2011 Nissan 370z Nismo Edition out to Adams Motorsports Park for a Tuesday evening “Time Attack Tuesday” and made a quick video on how easy getting the car ready to hit the course really is and why it’s not intimidating.

After owning this car for close to a year this was the first chance I have had to open it up out on the track and now I just want to do it every weekend. Here is a video showing us prepping the car at Adams Motorsports Park and some text below the video will walk you through what actions we had to take allowing us on the track.

Before arriving to the track you need to double check two things or it is not even worth heading out for the day. Number one is ensure your car is not leaking any fluids of ANY kind. If your car is misbehaving and leaking fluids go ahead and spend the day fixing that because no one is letting you on a track. Number two is tires tires tires. Make sure you have enough tire left to enjoy the track day and get back home safely. I ended up putting on some new BFG g-Force T/A KDW tires for this event (245/40/19 – Front) and (295/35/19 – Rear).

1. Check Tire Pressures
At the :16 mark you can see I am checking the tire pressure on the rear tire of my 370z. Your tire will have a recommended tire pressure which you should aim for if you don’t know anything about tire pressures. Once you continue development as a weekend racer you can start to research what tire pressure manipulation will do to help you out but for now lets get you on the track.

2. Move Loose Stuff Out of the Car
Any good tech person will get onto for this at a track day but make sure you unload any loose items from your interior. The last thing you want is an interior disaster to break out while your trying to show off on the track. Even if you don’t have a hatchback like my 370z I recommend emptying the trunk as well.

3. Safety Equipment
This is one item that will change greatly depending on where you will be driving so make sure you consult a local rulebook and bring the proper safety gear. All we needed was a helmet to race at Adams Motorsports Park and to use our three point belt.

Those are the three steps you need to be on the track and having fun in your own daily driver. Make the investment of a local track day and really put your modifications to the test. It was the most fun I have had in my 370z to date and by no means do I have any professional driving abilities.

Car Modifications:
AEM Cold Air Intake
Magnaflow Exhaust
BFG g-Force T/A KDW (245/40/19) Front
BFG g-Force T/A KDW (295/35/19) Rear

Daily Driver Nissan Sports Car Track Day Weekend Warrior
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