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2013 Ford Mustang RTR – Steeda Suspension Overhaul Part 2 [INSTALLATION]

Part one of this installation guide tackled how we got the front sway bars on the car and we need to finish the setup with a nice rear sway bar from Steeda. As you can see with the two bars laying next to each other the Steeda bar (in silver) has some seriously reinforced connectors and much better overall design.

Here is a close up look at the factory sway bar, with an Energy Suspension bushing, sitting on the right and the Steeda rear bar is just to the left. The bar design, thickness, and mounting brackets are all thicker and much improved from the conservative factory design by Ford.

Once you have removed the factory OEM bar from the few bolts securing it be prepared to slide off the factory bushing clamps and prep to put them on the Steeda bar. The bushings on the Steeda bar should be about 37 1/4″ apart to connect into the Mustang. The Steeda kit comes with grease so make sure you grease these once they are secured on the new bar as well.

Also make sure to grease the upper bushing of the billet swaybar end link and install it to the chassis. We are in the process of installing it in the photograph above. Make sure the Steeda logo is facing outward (towards the rear of the car).

Using the factory bolts and provided flange nuts you can easily secure the Steeda sway bar to the Ford Mustang chassis. Once you secure all the bolts which should match all the OEM locations and secure to the specific torque specs listed in the Steeda installation guide. Below is how the installed Steeda bar looks.

The Steeda swaybar offers three positions of adjustment for fine tuning of handling balance. When set to the softest position you are already looking at 8% stiffness increase which totals out to a total fine tuning range of 16% in the more aggressive sessions. This bar can be used with a factory front sway bar but we highly recommend running the two bars as a complimentary product. The suspension overhaul Part 1 we did covered installing the Steeda front sway bar. If you want a weekend racer and improved overall handling and stability for the 2013 Ford Mustang than look no further than these great products from Steeda.

Daily Driver Ford Performance Track Day United States
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2012 SEMA Show – Ford Mustang RTR project inside the Energy Suspension Booth #22967

Here is a preview of our 2013 Ford Mustang RTR serial #007  sitting inside the Energy Suspension booth at the 2012 SEMA Show. Just as we rolled the car into the show on Monday the guys from MustangsDaily came by and snapped some photos of our golden bronze Mustang during setup day and gave us a little feature below.


Daily Driver Ford Performance SEMA Build Sports Car United States
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2005 Chevrolet Tahoe LT – Project Tow Vehicle

This project is our shop tow machine/parts hauler we steer all around Southern California on a regular basis. We are going to work on towing upgrades, a horsepower increase, and general improvements of creature comforts.

This Chevrolet is going to keep the A+ treatment from us while she fights off Southern California traffic at every turn. This is our work horse towing around race cars, broken cars, and all other projects we have around for us.

Chevrolet New Project SUV Tow Vehicles United States
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1991 Chevrolet Camaro RS – American Muscle Has Arrived

We picked up this car in Denver, Colorado over Pikes Peak International weekend while we were trekking around Colorado for the week. The car needs some TLC but we limped her home from the high altitude of Denver to Los Angeles with the t-tops down and music blasting.

The car has some high mileage but has been decently taken care of. It has a 305 5.0L engine which we have been tossing around swapping out and an interior that needs some serious love. These can be purchased cheap on the used car market and have tons of aftermarket parts available so you know this will be a fun project to keep an eye out for.

Chevrolet Muscle Car New Project United States
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