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Swapping Over to a Tremec T56 Magnum And Driveline Upgrades


Sadly right after we did this burnout our gears ripped apart and the factory driveshaft busted at the split and twisted itself all up on the differential end. After sitting through a few moments of horrendous sounds that felt like hours the car rolled to a stop and was stuck in the middle of our hoonage marks. After several hours a tow truck came back and rescued the Mustang RTR project and it went back into the shop. We used this opportunity to do some major reconstructive surgery to the driveline components of our brand new Mustang.

We added the Tremec T56 Magnum XL swap kit with a Abbott Enterprises speedo conversion box, ACT Clutch disc #3000905, Dynotech Driveshaft, and some Ford Racing 3.77 Gears. Check out what our damaged stock driveshaft looked like below.


Tremec understands that no true driving enthusiasts wants to deal with the remote shifter on a stock MT-82 transmission. The Magnum XL swap kit is made perfect for a S197 swap with a redesigned tail shaft specifically for the S197 chassis Mustang. Included with the kit is a transmission mount that holds and bolts your T56 Magnum into place. The icing on the cake for this swap is a SFI bellhousing made to bolt right up to your Mustang engine.


The three other items you will need to purchase allowing you to complete this swap will be a new driveshaft (slip-yoke style), a new clutch disc, and a speedometer signal converter box to change your transmission from a three to a two wire speed sensor.


The Dynotech driveshaft weighted in at just 16 pounds! The product is crafted from 6061 T-6 aluminum tubing and can withstand some serious horsepower. This driveshaft is shorter than your factory Mustang piece due to the extended length of the Tremec T56 Mangum XL tail shaft. For a weight comparison we were not able to pull an accurate measurement from our stock shaft since we busted it into pieces but various media outlets and sources report a stock one to weight in at over 37 pounds. So the Dynotech Engineering driveshaft eliminates the two pieces design, is short, and is quite lighter than your stock alternative.


Once you have collected all these parts this Tremec T56 swap really isn’t much more advanced than a standard clutch service on a S197. We already installed an ACT Clutch (FM13-HDSS) this fall into our MT-82 transmission so we just kindly requested a 26 spline disc so it can be installed with our T56 Magnum. The disc ACT sent us is part number #3000905 for those who are interested.


Mounting up the new Magnum XL kit is just like replacing a stock transmission after a clutch swap. Our new 26-spline ACT disc popped right on and with the help of a transmission jack we worked to place the new bellhousing in line with our coyote engine.


Once all the new items are secured you can see the provided transmission mount bolts right into the factory location and requires no cutting of any kind. The blue tape towards the front right side of the transmission is where our Abbott Enterprises speedo converter box was wired in. We secured the box next to the transmission up in the corner to avoid any damage or pulled wires in the future.

Photo Credit: Feature by Mark Gearhart

The direct shift feel of the Magnum transmission is such a great feeling flying through the gears compared to the slop of a MT-82. One big change you will have to adjust when doing this swap is the Reverse gear will move to the right of the 5th gear lever and up as opposed to the factory left of 1st gear and up. Tremec provides a shift knob with the swap kit you can run that will accurately represent the change.

Photo Credit: Feature by Mark Gearhart

After putting 1,500 miles on the new transmission I truly believe this is something any long term owner of a S197 should invest in. Regardless if they are a daily driving street cruiser or track rat this swap can really change the way you feel connected to your Mustang. The swap isn’t super advanced if you can handle a clutch swap along with some basic wiring off of a diagram.

The direct shift will increase the DB inside your Mustang cabin but it is really hard to notice. The gears and driveshaft tend to make some excess noise compared to stock when going at very slow speeds or on deceleration in some gears. This is taking the bad with the good but any performance oriented owner I think can easily tolerate and overlook the extra ambient noise in the cabin.  The transmission does come with a 2.66 or 2.97 gear ratio option with the swap kit and both are rated to hold 700 lb-ft. of torque.

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2013 Ford Mustang RTR – Steeda Suspension Overhaul Part 3 [INSTALLATION]

The factory suspension has been slowly getting thrown in the trash as our sway bars were both swapped with Steeda ones in Part 1 (front sway bar) and Part 2 (rear sway bar) of our suspension overhaul. Now some Steeda springs and Tokico shocks are put together for an amazing performance boost along with drivability. Once the Paxton supercharger was added to the car it felt very unsettled and loose under full throttle. This Steeda suspension makes the car now feel planted and under control at all times.

On the left is the factory spring we pulled out of our Ford Mustang and on the right is our Steeda replacement. A quite radical difference in design and style benefits the suspension performance of the Mustang all around. These springs are complimented with Tokico D-spec shocks.

Also keep in mind if you purchased the upper strut mount kit you have about one degree of adjustable camber in either direction. This also helps which eliminates the weak factory upper spring perch on your suspension so we recommend the upgrade.

Here is the front coilover system assembled and ready for installation on the Mustang. The front body slides right into the top strut mount on the Mustang leaving a nice adjustable Tokico dial.

Getting the new coilover system all back together is the tricky part when doing this installation. Some patience and zipties to hold the brake system in place once detached from the body of the car.  Once you can get it perfectly into place you will put the same bolt from your OEM kit through the Steeda one as seen below.

Here is a look at the connection made with the new coilover kit. Once you have this bolt in place the top mount will fall pretty easily into place to complete your front suspension installation.

The rear suspension collar is attached first to secure and provide adjustability for the spring once it is put on. In the rear of the Mustang the shock is separate of the spring and attaches to the chassis separately. Once we secure the collar you just place the spring in and lower the car into place.

Here is the what the rear spring part pf the suspension looks like completed. Now just a few minutes with the shocks and your whole Steeda suspension is ready for weekend warrior duties or a fun track day.

Here is the top shock just outside of it’s entry into the chassis. You will need to climb into the trunk to secure the top part of the shock which should be done first. Once secure you just need to yank on the shock and line it up on the bottom seen below.

The bottom shock attachment can be seen here and is connected with a simple bolt just behind the brake rotor. Once you take this step on both sides the Steeda suspension is complete and ready to go. Some simple adjustments can be made with the shock valving for a perfect ride (we have  3 clicks front / 4 clicks rear setup) which seems to work decent for the street.

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2013 Ford Mustang GT – New Project on the Block

In the first 72 hours we have had our 2013 Ford Mustang GT we put almost 500 miles on it before dropping it off at ACT Clutch in Lancaster, California for the first modification on our Mustang. The car was bought at Sunrise Ford in Fontana, California and is currently sterling grey. Here are some more photos of the Mustang and stay tuned as we build this GT as our newest project car!


Daily Driver Ford Muscle Car Performance SEMA Build
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1991 Chevrolet Camaro RS – American Muscle Has Arrived

We picked up this car in Denver, Colorado over Pikes Peak International weekend while we were trekking around Colorado for the week. The car needs some TLC but we limped her home from the high altitude of Denver to Los Angeles with the t-tops down and music blasting.

The car has some high mileage but has been decently taken care of. It has a 305 5.0L engine which we have been tossing around swapping out and an interior that needs some serious love. These can be purchased cheap on the used car market and have tons of aftermarket parts available so you know this will be a fun project to keep an eye out for.

Chevrolet Muscle Car New Project United States
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